Hometown Memory

Beneath the stars, a night lit face

A calming whisper speaks her grace

Alone, I stand, as time stands still

I’ll hold the sun against her will

“It’s chilly” I say to the long dirt road

The frost tipped grass in agreement showed

A breath so numbing it’s clearly seen

At distance stands the evergreen

This moment reflects an altered state

A dizzy soul engulfs his fate

That which I see is merely a queue

Waiting for months from now to ensue

Two toned glossy arrives at dawn

So innocently tangled like a newborn fawn

A different place than it was last night

Neither performing what is remembered as right

Many a trip here I travel alone

An open ended burial for seeds to be sewn

Now it’s year thirty and I’ve lost it from sight

A new beginning has served me right

The memory flickers like a candle on the table

A vision so blurry of something so stable

Drifted away like a boat at sea

Engaged in freedom and the merriest me




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