An Evening In the Clouds

I take a seat in a place I’ve never seen

It smells of almonds and marshmallow cream

Kygo’s house echoes in rhyme

Within fifteen minutes, two from Cloud Nine

She changes the tune about three or four times

And lands on a sound that I don’t really mind

I finish my dish, I’d give it an eight

A fresh mix of veggies, so not much of a wait

I needed the password so I gave a quick call

She smiles and tells me as she points to the wall

That’s funny, I think, it was there the whole time

An unknown answer, completely in sight

What do we learn from a day’s worth of teaching

Do we feel any different, does it protract our reaching

These valuable moments may seem trivial now

Oh here we are, back in the clouds

My collection of thoughts, I’m trying to weave

The cleaning begins, it’s about time to leave








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