A sweep of hair falls perfectly over her right brow

A slightly right head tilt with a gently puffed out pout

Her cheeks are dusted with freckles and her almond eyes are bare

Today, a heightened confidence is all that she will wear

Thoughts so dreamy fill her mind, pictures into view

A sight so clear, a rhyme to hear collects into the new

She wants a craving but the craving drowns within the leat

A wondrous flow, approaching low released her from her feet

A light adrift is seen for sure, a cast within her gaze

Her spirit flies above the points, it flows for what’s a phase

I came to see her once before, or many times in fact

She had the words, they came in spurs, her faith is what she lacked

I see her in my morning dreams, the ones before you wake

She comes outside and clothed in pride, she bathes within the lake

Her life is full, she feels no strain for no one can escape

The aching pull from running fools will trample woven capes

I see her now, she’s laid about the blue and cloudy gray

A tapping toe, she ought to know that’s all she needs to say






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