It’s a view I’ve never seen

A fast paced stillness within the blue and evergreen

My heart beats as if in chase

I stop to slowly observe my face

An honest and humble moment within

There’s nothing to hide, where has this been

My eyes slowly close and I take air in deeply

A wind-like whisper as I exhale so keenly

A few times over and a clarity sets in

A powerful grace I’ve now let in

A raise of a brow and a clench in my teeth

An escalating push from underneath

The numbers are rising in my near front view

As I climb the speedometer to catch the few

This won’t be the last time I escape from the grip

Of the unsettling questions and the wandering slip

But I learn today that an idea creates more pain

She’ll lead you astray if you give her the gain

I’ve felt this before

I’ve seen this view

Within the evergreen and the blue

Courageous audacity I chase this time

The control within me, it’s all mine



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