Eyes Wide Shut

We come through like circus, a crazed design

Understood by none other than the ungrateful, resigned

A city of lovers filled ravishly so

By works of a free man for he only to know

Blessed be the seeker and guider of light

Denied as crusaders along for the fight

It’s whispered ten over for cowards to feign

Harassing the dreamers just to be mean

Why must you blindfold and cover your ears

Repeating old phrases to conceal rooted fears

The mountaintop gifts he who climbs step by step

Through a courageous promise so loyally kept

Stay in a cozy, the weak man will do

His mind stays the same and his heart follows suit

Hunter eyes, the dangerous kind

Slaying his fellow, no reason nor rhyme

A sword he not need for his friends make up most

Dancing atop a nation whose heart is a ghost





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